Response to McGowan's New Wages Policy

Press conference:

  • 12pm
  • Level 6/ 445 Hay Street

Toni Walkington Statement:

“The Premier has announced their policy or opening position.  We are in bargaining and our members’ attitude to any pay offer will be determined by the whole package, which must include clauses on job security and the privatisation of government services.

“If compared to the McGowan Government's election commitment of a 1.5% increase, only one third of CPSU/CSA members will be better off with this new policy.

“CPSU/CSA members in the general government sector have more than done their share of finding savings, growing at only 4% over the last three years while the health sector grew at 56% over the same period. Many of our members are doing the jobs of two and three people. 

In March, the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal effectively handed MP's a salary increase of $6750 per year via a change to their Parliamentary Travel Allowance, the Premier needs to be honest and up front about who is taking the tough medicine here and it's not MP'sJust last year, MP's got a 1.5% increase in line with the State Wages Policy, and on top of that a significant increase in their superannuation contributions taking them to 15.4%, which far outstrips our members' superannuation entitlements.The Premier needs to genuinely take his medicine and commit to stop tinkering about with allowances to give MP's more allowances and benefits than the rest of the sector.

“The McGowan government must show more enlightened leadership to manage the finances rather than punishing the public sector.

“We expect our members will not be happy with the new wages policy and their voices will be heard at our forthcoming members meetings on 24th May, 2017.”


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