Service Priority Review: CPSU/CSA’s Vision for the Sector

In early October 2017, the CPSU/CSA responded to the Service Priority Review Panel’s interim report. Part of this submission set out the CPSU/CSA’s broad vision for the sector as members have described to us across various forums in the last 6-9 months.

The CPSU/CSA took the opportunity provided by the submission process to the Service Priority Review to outline members’ vision for the future of the Western Australian public sector:

●      We want a sector that encourages Western Australian youth to enter the public service as part of a mentored program that transfers the corporate knowledge of Senior public servants as they begin a transition to retirement.

●      We want a sector that invests in the public sector staff delivering services and those supporting service delivery. Genuine investment in staff will ensure a committed and adaptive workforce.

●      We want a sector that leads from within on information and communications technology to ensure that the sector can readily adapt to new technologies and new needs in the West Australian community.

●      We want a sector with a coordinated and collaborative approach to service delivery by Government to ensure that no West Australian is left behind.

●      We want a sector that has the capacity to innovate at every level towards the best outcomes for all West Australians.

The submission also noted the work to date of the Public Sector Commission while envisaging a future where its role is in joining up agencies and practices across the sector. The submission described the lack of clarity and consistency across the sector in relation to Codes of Conduct, delegations, human resources practices and industrial relations practices and argued that these could be guided by the Public Sector Commission if it is empowered and enabled to take leadership in this area.

 Read the full submission here

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