TAFE Announcement Insensitive and Unprofessional

  • The CPSU/CSA contacted the minster in October 2015 asking to be consulted as a stakeholder as part of the training sector reform project
  • The Minister responded in December stating that “I welcome your organisation’s contribution to the project given your unique position to provide a cross-sectoral perspective on behalf of the State’s union movement. You will be contacted in due course to provide input into the project as it progresses.”
  • Follow up contact was not made by the Minister and the CPSU/CSA has only today been made aware of the Minster’s plans for TAFE colleges via the media
  • CPSU/CSA Members perform a variety of important functions in TAFE colleges. Positions include (but are not limited to) Library Officers, Student Advisors, Customer Service staff, Administration, Academic Assistants, Career Counsellors, IT and Communications staff and a variety of Technicians.

Comments from Rikki Hendon, Branch Assistant Secretary of the CPSU/CSA

“The Minister promised that we, and our members, would be consulted as part of this reform process, but has today announced mass job cuts with no discussion or forewarning.

“It is deeply concerning that the new Deputy Premier can’t be trusted to keep her word.

“It is insensitive and unprofessional of Liza Harvey to use the media to tell TAFE staff that they may be jobless come April.

“Make no mistake – these are mass job cuts, and the wealth of knowledge and expertise that will leave the TAFE system as a result can only have only have a negative impact on service delivery.

“Our members perform a variety of extremely important functions in TAFE colleges and we are deeply concerned that students and lecturers will be without crucial support as a result of these cuts.

“We call on the Minister to halt the proposed changes and consult with our members to fully understand the impact this will have on the quality of TAFE education in WA.”

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  • Peter Ballantyne

    Peter Ballantyne

    25 February 2016 at 12:32 | #

    So they increase prices, get fewer students and now need to cut jobs to get students in....really


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