Treasurer's threat is blatant chest beating

When we negotiated GA6 with Government in 2014, it was a hard fight to keep pay increase in touch with the rising cost of living. 

At the time the Barnett Government's Wages Policy dictated that they would not negotiate for pay rises above CPI, and that trade-offs would need to be made to meet CPI.

It was a struggle, but we worked together to get rid of the trade-offs and accepted pay rises of 2.75, 2.5 and 2.5 percent.

It is without doubt that these increases have been crucial in enabling our members to keep up with the cost of living, support their familes, pay the bills and maintain a sense of stability in a volatile economic environment. 

Meanwhile, under the Barnett Government more than 10,000 jobs have been axed from the public sector in addition to the Wages Policy, the hiring freeze and agency expenditure reviews. It has been attack, after attack and if Treasurer Nahan wants to bring on a fight with the unions - our colleagues at WAPOU, HSU and United Voice included - he's going the right way about it.

“This is another announcement from the Barnett Government that has not been well thought out," says Toni Walkington.

“The Treasurer appears to want to create an argument with the public service before the bulk of negotiations even commence.

“We will approach the next round of bargaining sensibly and rationally, with resolute determination for an outcome that respects the valuable work our members do and encourages a robust public service.

“We will not be distracted from our goal by chest beating tactics from the Barnett Government. We will not accept a wage deal that reduces the real value of our members pay.”

GA6 expires in June 2017. 

More to come, including:

  • Radio interviews with Geoff Hutchison on ABC 720
  • TV with WA in the News
  • News coverage with 7, 9 and ABC 

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