Wandoo Back In Public Hands

After years of issues, the privately run Wandoo Reintegration Facility will be brought back into state government hands today.

Serco had been operating Wandoo since 2012, but after a review found there was no benefit for offenders or taxpayers, Premier Mark McGowan announced it would be brought back into public hands.

Commercial contacts can be a burden on the state as they are often rigid, secretive and set-up to generate profits for private enterprise.

With the facility now back in public hands, there will be better outcomes for offenders because of improved flexibility and movement in a crowded prison system, more efficient access to services and consistent standards across the system to ensure proper treatment and conditions for both staff and offenders.

Publically run services also have better outcomes after a failure in the system, with no lengthy and potentially costly court proceedings to enforce commercial contract standards and more transparent outcomes once resolved.

This week, the Public Sector Commission issued a statement to fill public sector jobs at the newly run facility.

CPSU/CSA Secretary Toni Walkington, says it’s the right move for WA.

“The Department of Justice is now in the process of employing non-custodial officers, who were employed under Serco at Wandoo Reintegration Facility, back to the public sector.

“This is about WA having quality public services and rehabilitation for offenders.

“It will mean better outcomes for offenders because of greater flexibility, access to services and standards in line with other publically run facilities.”

“Importantly, now that Wandoo is in public hands there will be direct accountability to the Minister and transparent public process in times of failures.”

“By bringing Wandoo back into public hands, the facility will be run with a focus on rehabilitation for offenders and not profits,” she said.

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