Your Union Agreement Offer Statement

Melanie Bray, Acting Branch Secretary 


“Today we have received an offer from Public Sector Labour Relations. As we expected it sticks to the government wages policy. Worryingly, it shows just how restrictive wages policy is in practice, not only on wages but on conditions.

“Our members bore the brunt of budget repair and we don’t believe this offer values the work of our members or recognises the significant contribution that the public sector makes to the WA community. 

“Our public sector workers are, after all, tasked with implementing the plans of government to deliver on its priorities.

“More work needs to be done on this offer and we ask the government to come back to the table and present something that respects and values public sector workers.

“We also urge the government to reflect on its wages policy and the impact that it may have on the broader WA economy.

“Restricting the wage growth of public servants below the cost of living has a flow-on impact on the economy as we represent a significant portion of WA workers.  

“Attracting and retaining great staff to the public sector enables government to enact its policies more effectively. Undervaluing public servants undervalues the positive impact their work has on the community.  

“Almost every West Australian interacts with a public service, delivered by a public sector worker on a daily basis. So many things happen because of our members and that value must be reflected in the way that government negotiates with them.” 

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