Your Union Agreement to go to ballot

STATEMENT: Public Sector Agreement To Go To Ballot

Quotes attributable to Melanie Bray, Acting Branch Secretary, CPSU/CSA

 “Yesterday CPSU/CSA Delegates met to discuss the latest General Agreement offer and after much discussion and commentary, voted to go to a ballot of members. This outcome was presented to CPSU/CSA Council yesterday afternoon and they have endorsed the decision. This means all members will get to have their say on this offer.

“Our members have provided a lot of feedback through delegates prior to the meeting and the variety of responses really shows how engaged they have been in this process, and how strongly they feel about the government’s restrictive wages policy.

“We thank those delegates for their work in this process and for all they do to maintain democratic process in our union. 

“Overall, I think that members have recognised the entitlements in this offer are significantly better than the first offer at Easter, although the continued cap on wages is disappointing. 

“These entitlements represent endorsed claim items our members have voted to fight for.

“I think there’s lots to be extremely proud of as far as new entitlements won in this offer. Bargaining on conditions builds quality into the lives of public sector workers that cannot easily be undone.

“Fairer conditions for casuals, as well as the compaction of the Level 1 bands, means significant improvements to the lives of the sector’s lowest paid workers. 

“Superannuation on unpaid parental leave is a first for a public sector Union in WA and will make a huge difference in the lives of working parents.

“Although the details are still to be decided, the review into discounted public transport is something members have been seeking for years.

“Although this offer contains the government’s $1000 wage cap, I do believe the conditions in this offer will provide positive change for the public sector for generations to come. 

“This is a two year agreement, which means the next bargaining period will coincide with the next state election. This gives a significant opportunity to apply pressure to fight restrictive wages policies and we are already working towards this. We will continue to challenge wages policy and stand with other public sector unions to fight for a fairer deal.”



  • Public Service and Government Officers CSA General Agreement covers approximately 32,000 Western Australians.
  • The union has been in bargaining with the State Government since December 2018.
  • An initial offer with a flat $1000 raise and no improvements to entitlements was rejected by union members.
  • A revised offer received two weeks ago adheres to the government’s wages policy of a flat $1000 raise but has some new entitlements including paid superannuation on unpaid parental leave, casual loading, one more day of bereavement leave and a new public sector public holiday.
  • Delegates have voted to put the offer to a ballot of all members under the Agreement.


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