Families choose to stay

Residents in DSC accommodation services, and their families, have sent a clear message to the Minister for Disability Services, Donna Faragher - keep public services in public hands, we’re staying with the DSC.

On 11th October 2013, then Minister, Helen Morton, announced that 60% of Commission accommodation services would be privatised.

Following the tireless efforts of members, delegates, union staff and our allies in the community, we are pleased to announce that as of 5th of July, every home with the choice to stay has made the decision to stay with the Disability Services Commission as their provider.

“It’s no surprise to us that families value the care that Social Trainers provide,” says Toni Walkington, Branch Secretary.

“We knew that if given the choice, people would choose the Commission’s services. It makes sense that established relationships with Social Trainers and staff working to support accommodation services would be preferable for families.”
This overwhelming endorsement of the quality of care and service members provide is echoed by our community allies and the relatives of those in DSC group homes.

Maz Kowald, mother and Chair of Caring About Residents with Disabilities (CARD), says staff are vital for well-functioning accommodation services.

“The staff are not just carers – they are friends who have been alongside us through thick and thin, some for many years.”

Mike and Sue Smith have also been working closely with other families to fight the privatisation of their son’s home since 2014. One of their key concerns has always been about the relationships their son has with his existing carers.

“Who are the people who are going to look after our son? We want the same carers providing the same quality care.” 
With this significant milestone to celebrate we must continue to support members and families who oppose privatisation to DSC services through our Respect. Choice. Rights campaign. 

There is still so much to achieve. 

The transition process for those who were not given the choice to stay with their DSC home has been distressing and without consideration for the thoughts, concerns and feelings of the residents facing an uncertain future.

We need your help to put the pressure on. Dr Ron Chalmers (Director General) must work with us to ensure that a clear, considered plan is in place to help residents in support decision-making about their own future. 

Play your part by sending your message of petition to Dr Chalmers at the link below. [Update: no longer active]


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