We continue the push for a WA NDIS

The work you have been doing to educate Ministers about the positive aspects of WA NDIS have been successful and as a result the government is carefully considering their options. It is no longer simply a rushed decision to cancel the current agreement (with the hopes of the Federal Government picking up an extra $500 million in costs).

The Minister for Disability Services better understands the work that LCs do and how continuing your roles here in WA can potentially solve many of the problems eastern states have experienced with rolling out the federal model.  

On the 12th of July, the CPSU/CSA has submitted a recommendation to the Productivity Commission reiterating many of the points found in the Stanton International ‘WA NDIS Trail’ report.  As most of you are aware this report found the WANDIS compared highly favourably with the NDIA model with equal or better outcomes in most areas.

For example: in the executive summary of this report it was found that WANDIS model already had 9/12 of the key criteria for an effective delivery of services, as compared to 0/12 for the NDIA model.

The WA NDIS is based on a Local Coordinator model of service delivery.  The State Government employed Local Coordinator has no conflict of interest and seeks out the best services for their clients and the community.

The CPSU/CSA in Western Australia frequently hears from members delivering Local Coordination services who understand that while they are employed by the State Government, the significant issues in relation to conflict of interest issues are resolved in the interests of people with disabilities and that in the long term, the cost of the service provision will be diminished under the WA NDIS model.

We will continue to advocate with you to ensure that the best model for service delivery is adopted in Western Australia. 

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