2017 Delegate Awards

The 2017 CPSU/CSA Delegate Awards were recently held at our annual end of year Delegate function. Delegates were nominated by members within their agencies, with 16 eventual winners recognised for their contribution to Union campaigns and activities throughout the year.

And the winners are...

Barry McAuliffe — MAIN ROADS

Barry McAuliffe — MAIN ROADS

Passion, knowledge and hard work in protecting the rights and entitlements of Main Roads members.
David Torr — DMIRS

David Torr — DMIRS

Commitment and dedication to the role of delegate and ensuring members are supported and connected to the union.
Renae Thorpe — DWER

Renae Thorpe — DWER

Her tireless efforts as a delegate; organising meeting, sharing information with members, representing members and advocating for members' rights.
Special Mention — Kirsten Hansen

Special Mention — Kirsten Hansen

Outstanding commitment to the fight against privatisation; support and dedication to her members.
Delegate of Delegates — Sinead Glackin DSC

Delegate of Delegates — Sinead Glackin DSC

Throwing herself into the role of delegate with vigour and passion; speaking up for what is right and standing by her members and bringing a wealth of knowledge to her workplace.

Other winners include:

Antonia Esten for going above and beyond in the service of members; her commitment and dedication to members; and ensuring that members' rights are upheld.

Charlie Brown for diligently supporting and encouraging staff during a difficult period of change at the Department of Education.

Derek Winters for his leadership and proactive attitude towards workplace issues; his years of experiences, knowledge and support of members.

Dolores Elek for being proactive, supportive and providing great leadership for her members; providing excellent representation at all levels including Ministerial meetings, JCCs and EDCs.

Jenny O'Brien for her proactive attitude, representation skills and talent for encouraging new members to join the union.

Megan Scott for ensuring members are well informed and educated about current issues, their rights and entitlements.

Nevada Pingault for her commitment and dedication to providing solutions to workplace issues and understanding the concerns of her members.

Rhonda McFarlane for going above and beyond in every aspect of her role as a delegate; asking the hard questions and her commitment to the fight.

Rick Browner for always being active and willing to help members; providing sound advice and ensuring they are well represented at meetings and JCCs.

Sandra Roennfeldt for her passion for workers' rights and her efforts to ensure a safe and fair work environment.

Stuart Vernon for always fighting for better working conditions and ensuring members are well informed about all issues and union news.


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