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Public Sector Alliance Union Members Meeting

Friday 12 November, 2021 | 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm AWST | Perth Town Hall

Put an end to wages policy and restrictive bargaining caps: Join us for a Mass Members Meeting with our Public Sector Alliance comrades.

About this event

Public sector union members will not be divided: wages policy and measures that limit our capacity to bargain fairly must go.

Public sector workers have carried us through the pandemic and continue to support this state, and the country, in economic recovery. But the goodwill is running out.

Public sector workers deserve a pay rise and the right to bargain for improved pay and conditions without being hamstrung by an inflexible wages policy.

Join us at Boola Bardip on 12 November, together with hundreds of other public sector union members from school, hospitals, emergency services, prison, public transport and everything in between.

Together, the strength and solidarity of members will defeat wages policy and return the public sector to genuine bargaining that results in real wage growth and better public services.