Campaign Kicks Off: 2016 Key Dates

Stay up to date with what the parties are up to in relation to the public sector in the lead up to the 2017 State election.




One week after announcing their public sector policy — WA Labor leader Mark McGowan, announced a number of measures that aim to drive cultural change in the public sector in a speech to the Committee for Economic Development. The measures are outlined within the policy document ‘Delivering Real Outcomes for the Community’

  • Labor Cabinet to develop up to 20 Key Performance Indicators to measure performance of Government;       
  • Heads of Departments to be measured against Key Performance Indicators with 20% of their salaries linked to successful outcomes;
  • A 20% reduction in the number of Senior Executive Service positions;
  • Service Priority Review to reduce the number of agencies by 20%.   

We are aware that the budget position of the Government is parlous, and we understand that any future Government has a responsibility to redress the debt situation West Australians have been put in.
CPSU/CSA members are our priority and members have been clear with us that their priority is the delivery of valued services to West Australians.
The CPSU/CSA will seek to engage on behalf of members with the Service Priority Review to ensure that our members concerns, ideas and aspirations are met.


Labor announces public sector policy  

WA Labor released their Public Sector Policy and their plan for the public sector, should they be elected in March 2017. It is a worthwhile read and it's certainly a public sector policy we can work with. Download the policy here.     

The Policy commits to providing real improvements to essential public services and recognises that this cannot be achieved without an effective, functional and well-resourced public sector. Importantly, the policy announces a review of contract for service arrangements, putting a stop to privatisation, criteria for conversion to permanency and ten days of domestic and family violence leave. Your Union Agreement makes the case for all of these items and it's great to see an alternative government pushing for a skilled, well-resourced and supported public sector.            


CPSU/CSA members GetREDy as we present our claim to the political parties

#getREDy Day


On Get REDy Day we presented the major parties and leaders with Your Union Agreement Claim. Some greeted us with open arms and smiles for the camera, others received the claim with cooler reactions, and some...through the mail slot.      

Whilst we have not received a direct response from The Greens, they do have some policies outlined on their website that specifically apply to the public sector. You can check them out here.  

The Liberals and Nationals WA have not responded to our claim and do not have any public sector specific policies on their websites at this stage.



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