Have You Seen Our Premier?


The next few weeks are the culmination of many years work for our Union and the labour movement. The Save Our Services campaign and the political element of the Your Union Agreement campaign are in their final stages and we have managed to get a clear view of what both major parties will deliver for the public sector.

The Premier has failed to engage at all in the Your Union Agreement process despite our best efforts:

17 November 2016 – We lodged our claim with the security guard at Hale House after the Premier failed to respond to our request for a meeting

13 December 2016 – The Premier failed to issue instructions to the Department of Commerce prior to the start of the bargaining process

12 January 2017 – The Premier failed to issue instructions to the Department of Commerce prior to the start of the first bargaining meeting.

10 February 2017 – The CPSU/CSA wrote to the Premier seeking his commitment to provide back pay should negotiations go over schedule.

We haven’t had a response to date from the Premier and now we are worried he might be not just be missing in action, but missing altogether.

Can you help us find him by saving your milk cartons so we can launch a ‘missing’ campaign? It’s as easy as 1-2-3

There is a collection point in the foyer at 445 Hay Street and members will receive red shopping bags across this week to assist in collections at worksites, get your red shopping bag by emailing us at yourunionagreement@cpsucsa.org

Collect milk cartons (and give them a good rinse) between now and the 7th of March. We will collect the cartons on the 7 and 8th March – just let us know that you have some cartons to collect by emailing us at yourunionagreement@cpsucsa.org

Stay tuned to our Facebook page on the 9 March to help us find our missing Premier.

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