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Bargaining begins!

Bargaining for Your Union Agreement has officially commenced, with CPSU/CSA representatives meeting with the Department of Commerce for the first time on Thursday 12th of January.

Discussions covered matters including the impact of government wages policy and caretaker conventions on the negotiations, as well as our claim items about permanency, fixed-term contracts, out-sourcing and labour hire.

CPSU/ CSA Executive Committee member Deborah Stackpole was at the bargaining table and said permanency is extremely important for public service workers.

“Job security was a very high priority for members in the Your Say Survey last year, and I’m pleased we’ve kicked off negotiations with this as a focus.”

“We had considerable discussions on contracting out and the use of labour hire, which we will go into more depth in further meetings,” she said.

CPSU/CSA Treasurer Bruce Hawkins was positive about the first meeting.

“This is my third GA negotiation and I thought there was more positivity today than previous negotiations I’ve been involved in.”

“That said, with the State Election coming up and caretaker conventions about to set in, member activity and political engagement will be just as important as formal bargaining in securing outcomes in this campaign.

Branch Secretary Toni Walkington said the upcoming State Election would play an important role the Your Union Agreement campaign.

“Conversation about the current public sector wages policy, which changed in 2016, was a reminder of the Barnett Government’s restrictive approach to bargaining.”

“The State Election presents CPSU/CSA members with a unique opportunity to decide who their employer is and who we will ultimately be negotiating this Agreement with.”

“If we want to negotiate with a government whose policy leaves room for genuine negotiation, we will need to vote for change on the 11th of March.”

Good faith bargaining with Commerce will continue on a fortnightly basis through the election period. Bruce Hawkins and Deborah Stackpole believe participating directly in the negotiations is vital.

“Your Union Agreement is an extremely imported thing for members to have, and I feel I can help bring about a positive outcome for us as members,” said Mr Hawkins.

“I think its essential delegates are here at the table… it’s our future for the next two years,” Ms Stackpole said.

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