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Campaign Update: Thursday, 9 February

Back pay is already emerging as a key issue in the negotiations for Your Union Agreement.

The matter has been discussed at all three formal bargaining meetings held so far between your Union Bargaining Team and Department of Commerce representatives bargaining on behalf of the State Government.

Commerce has advised that it will not be in a position to present an offer in response to our claim from when the Caretaker Conventions are enacted (which occurred last Wednesday 1st of February) up until the newly elected or re-elected Government is takes power following the state election in March.

This means the timeframes for us to obtain an offer from Government prior to the 13th of June when our current agreement expires will be very tight.

Commerce have reiterated in all three bargaining meetings that the Barnett Government’s Public Sector Wages Policy 2016 does not allow for back pay to be granted as part of public sector bargaining. However, given that Commerce’s inability to reach agreement with us during the caretaker period may unreasonably delay us from reaching agreement before the 13th of June, your Union Bargaining Team is requesting that an exception be made.

To date, unlike WA Labor, the Barnett Liberal Government has not yet responded in any way to our Your Union Agreement claim. It is time for Premier Barnett to demonstrate his commitment to you and the services you deliver, and to engaging in fair and reasonable negotiations if he is re-elected. 

To this end, we have written directly to Premier Colin Barnett seeking his commitment to providing back pay should negotiations go over schedule as a consequence of the Caretaker Conventions.

We’re counting the days until we receive his response. Tick tock, Colin!

Want to get involved in our campaign for Your Union Agreement? Come to your nearest Your Agreement, Your Vote Forum if you live in the metro area OR send an email to your local National candidate in you live in regional WA.


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