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Pay rises on the way for Electorate and Research Officers

On 12 September, 2017 — Public Sector Labour Relations (PSLR) presented your Union with an offer on behalf of Government for all nine of the General Agreements negotiated as part of the Your Union Agreement campaign. This included the Agreement containing your pay and conditions as Electorate and Research Officers. After careful consideration, union delegates recommended the offer be put to a ballot of members and our Union Council passed a resolution formalising this decision.

After the offer was put to ballot, we became aware that PSLR and the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) were of the view that some of the improved conditions achieved in the central Your Union Agreement bargaining process, such as those pertaining to job security, would not be applicable to Electorate and Research Officers. This was not made clear during bargaining and was disputed by your Union.

Since this period of time we have acted to resolve these differences and progress your Agreement toward registration. Frustratingly, significant delays have been experienced due to miscommunications between the various work units representing your employers. After your Agreement is registered, we will invite all parties involved to examine the bargaining process and identify strategies to ensure the problems we encountered throughout it are avoided in the future. 

We can now say, however, that the matters in dispute have finally been resolved. A key outcome of the resolution of this dispute has been to obtain your employers’ commitment to conduct a joint review of the modes of employment in electorate offices. It is our assessment that there is a strong probability of a number of current Electorate and Research Officers being converted to a more secure form of employment as a result of this win. 

Barring unforeseen hitches, the Electorate and Research Employees (CSA) General Agreement 2018 is likely to be ready for registration within days. Regardless of the eventual date of registration, we are pleased to advise that we have secured your employers’ agreement to administratively implement your pay increase of $1000 per annum, inclusive of back pay, on Thursday 17 May, 2018.

We hope you enjoy this long awaited, well deserved increase to your salary and thank you for your patience.

Further updates will be provided as your Agreement proceeds to registration.

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