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The results are in! Government's third offer accepted by Members.

UPDATE 26 October 2017: Work with PSLR to finalise the drafting of the new agreements in progressing with registration likely to occur relatively late in the year. Usually back-pay is processed in the pay period on/after the registration of the agreement, however we conscious that the annual leave loading bulk payment will also be paid around this time. We are in discussion with PSLR to ensure that both bulk payments do not occur in the same pay period to avoid excessive tax. Finalised dates will be updated as the become available.


The results are in and members have voted to accept Government's third offer for Your Union Agreement.

Thousands of members participated in the ballot, which open on Wednesday, 4 October and closed yesterday evening.

An overwhelming majority of 89% of respondents voted to accept the offer.

Improved features of the new Agreement will include*:

  • Two-year deal;
  • $1000 pay rises from 13 June 2017 and 13 June 2018;
  • 10 days paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave;
  • Greater requirements to monitor workload and conduct workload surveys jointly with the Union;
  • Requirements to provide detailed information on the use of labour hire and fixed term contracts;
  • Development of conversion to permanency criteria for employees on fixed term contracts;
  • Enhanced consultation for proposed changes within workplaces;
  • Preference for permanent employment over fixed term, casual and labour hire contracts;
  • Requirement to fill vacancies with suitable displaced employees before engaging employees on fixed term contracts or labour hire arrangements;
  • Improved redundancy and redeployment provisions, including a comprehensive review of public sector redeployment and redundancy processes and stronger case management for displaced employees.
  • Union starts negotiations again in December 2018

*Based on offer to replace Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement.
Provisions will be transferred to other General Agreements as applicable.

Download everything you need to know about the Agreement below:


“This is an Agreement that makes gains on issues important to our members.

“Their priority was always job security, fairer workloads and ensuring transparency in the public sector, and that is what this Agreement delivers. 

“Members have recognised the new deal will improve their work life and have overwhelming voted yes to the new two-year deal.

“The government came to the table on several issues including; family and domestic violence leave, stronger redundancy and redeployment clauses and more transparency on the use of fixed term contracts and labour hire.

“This has been a long bargaining process, but members are positive about the changes that will be implemented with this new deal.”

- Rikki Hendon, Branch Assistant Secretary


Our next steps will be to work with Public Sector Labour Relations to finalise the technical drafting of the new Agreements and register them in the WA Industrial Relations Commission as soon as possible. The improved conditions secured in this new Agreement will take effect from the date of registration, and pay increases and back pay will commence soon thereafter.

Securing this Agreement would not have been possible without member commitment and participation in campaign action.
Thank you!


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