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We need more on contracting-out and outsourcing

On the 12 June, with just 3.5 hours to go before the expiry of the Agreement covering 40,000 public sector workers, and, after six months of campaigning and negotiations — we received an offer for Your Union Agreement from the McGowan Labor Government. 

Delegates met on Tuesday 13 June to discuss this offer. 

The provision of this offer coincides with the expiry of your current pay and conditions Agreement. 

The June offer included the following: 

  • Two year term 
  • No trade offs 
  • $1000 pay rises each year, effective 13 June 2017 and 13 June 2018
  • Statement of employer preference for permanent employment 
  • Requirement to provide details of labour hire contracts to your Union 
  • Requirement to specify reasons for engaging employees on a fixed term contract in writing 
  • Requirement to provide your Union with the names and locations of all fixed term employees to your Union
  • Principles for the development of conversion to permanency process for fixed term contracts employees
  • 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave
  • Clearer, more detailed requirements to consult on proposed change affecting employees via the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). 
  • More comprehensive requirements to monitor and record workload, have workload data dealt with as a function of the JCC and conduct workload surveys jointly with your Union
  • Offer valid if accepted in its entirety by 24 July 2017

Items in the original claim we developed with members that Government has not agreed to are as follows:

  • Cessation of contracting/ outsourcing 
  • No forced redundancies 
  • Improvements to Flexible Working Arrangements 
  • Improvements to Bereavement Leave 
  • Establishment of paid Cultural and Ceremonial Leave 
  • Improvements to Superannuation 
  • A review of the Classification and Reclassification system 
  • Securing specified General Agreement clauses into underpinning awards. 

Click here to see the offer. 

Tell your local delegate what you think of the offer! 

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