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YUA Update: Less than two weeks to go

The expiry of your current Agreement is fast approaching. 

Your Union Agreement bargaining team met again with Department of Commerce representatives yesterday and, with less than two weeks to go, we are still waiting on Government to come to the table with an acceptable offer for your pay and conditions.

Throughout this campaign, our members have told us that maintaining conditions of employment and improving job security should be our Union’s top priorities. 

We have made this crystal clear to Government, and were therefore extremely disappointed to have recently been presented with two proposed changes to your Agreement that would diminish the voice and job security of people working in the public sector. 

Specifically, those changes were: 

  • Adding “to facilitate change” as a legitimate reason for employees to be engaged on a fixed term contract (effectively a blank check for employers to employ people on insecure work arrangements); and
  • Removing the requirement for the employer to notify the union and employees about proposed changes likely to affect existing practices, working conditions or employment prospects of employees. 

These changes are unacceptable. 

With Machinery of Government amalgamations and a Services Priority Review set to change the shape of the public sector, we need an Agreement that addresses our job security claims, and we need it now. 

Your Union has communicated this clearly, not only to the Commerce representatives negotiating on behalf of Government, but directly to new Minister Bill Johnston in person last week. 

To move the campaign forward, we will be holding a mass Delegates meeting at 4pm on Tuesday 13th of June. 

If an offer has been received from Government by this date, the meeting will determine whether it is good enough to put to a ballot of members. 

If no offer has been received, the meeting will determine whether we will be taking serious industrial action. 

Make your voice heard. 

Send a job security postcard to the Premier, and talk to your Union delegate about what you would need to see in an offer from Government and what campaign activities you would participate in to get an acceptable offer on the table. 


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