Digital Membership Card

Member benefits in the palm of your hand

The new CPSU/CSA membership card gives you easy access to your membership number, membership card and instant access to discounts and savings online. 
CPSU/CSA membership card
For members to get started, you'll need your Member ID and your registered email address* to create an account with Shoprite, either:

On your desktop computer
In the Shoprite app for iPhone
In the Shoprite app for Android

You'll then receive a confirmation email (within 48hrs) when your card is ready and you'll be able to access your card from your desktop (or laptop) and your mobile phone.

Use your membership card or Member ID to shop whitegoods and electrical online with ShopRite, stock up on groceries at Cash and Carry, or access extra savings at more than 40 retailers, including; Coles, Woolworths, Myer, SuperCheap, Rebel, BCF and Harvey Norman when you purchase discount gift cards with Shoprite online.

* Your Member ID can be found on any CPSUCSA email newsletter. These are sent to your registered email address.