Public Notices

Union Rules

The most up-to-date registered union rules can be found on the Fair Work Commission website by selecting SPSF Group, Western Australian Branch via the Rulebooks tab, and on the WAIRC website by searching The Civil Service Association of Western Australia Incorporated.

Election notices

Post-Election Report for the CPSU, the Community and Public Sector UnionSPSF Group - Western Australian Branch Scheduled election E2020/26

Download the Post-Election Report (PDF)

CPSU, The Community and Public Sector Union, SPSF Group WA Branch Election Notice [2020/26] Stage 3

View the Stage 3 election notice (PDF)

View the Stage 3 nomination form (PDF)

View the Declaration of Results (PDF)

CPSU, The Community and Public Sector Union, SPSF Group WA Branch Election Notice [2020/26] Stage 2

View the Stage 2 election notice (PDF)

The Australian Electoral Commission has declared the outcome of the Stage 2, Branch Executive Councillors and Federal Council Delegates for your union.

View the Declaration of Results (PDF)

CPSU, The Community and Public Sector Union, SPSF Group WA Branch Election Notice [2020/26] - Stage 1

View the Election Notice (PDF)

The Australian Electoral Commission has declared the outcome of the 2021 office-holders election for your union. 

View the Declaration of Results (PDF)

Officer and Related Party Disclosure

Download the PDF reports below:
Officer Related Party Disclosure Statement 2019-2020

Annual report

The 2019-2020 Annual Report documents are now available:

To view past editions of the annual report, visit CPSU/CSA Annual Reports

Rules, Rates and Refund Policy

CPSU/CSA Membership Rules

  1. I agree to pay to the CPSU the total of any Membership subscriptions, levies or other fees as determined from time to time by the Union.
  2. I may resign from the CPSU by giving notice in writing:
    a) when I cease to be eligible to become a Member of the CPSU, or
    b) if I am still eligible to be a Member, when I give at least two weeks notice that I wish to resign.
  3. I understand that I must pay any fees owing to the CPSU up to the date my resignation takes effect, and that ceasing to pay my subscriptions without proper notice does not comply with the above obligations.
  4. If the subscription rates are varied, I authorise the CPSU to adjust my subscription accordingly.
  5. I will advise the Union of any change to my bank account, or annual salary which affects my subscription rate, and authorise the CPSU to adjust my subscription accordingly.
  6. I understand that the payment of my Membership subscriptions, levies or other fees to the CPSU will also maintain my CSA Membership and I will be advised in writing if this arrangement is changed. I may resign at any time from the CSA by notice in writing.
  7. I understand that should I change employment, such that I can no longer be represented by the CPSU/CSA, my membership and payment details will be transferred to the union with appropriate coverage rules, and that I will pay fees and be bound by the rules of that union. I also understand that I will be notified before this transfer occurs.

2021 Membership Rates

  Salary Range

Rate per Fortnight


$ 8.40

  Under $12,421

$ 5.86

  $12,421 - $20,700.99

$ 10.13

  $20,701 - $27,945.99

$ 14.51

  $27,946 - $36,225.99

$ 18.77

  $36,226 - $45,540.99

$ 23.47

  $45,541 - $53,819.99

$ 28.16

  $53,820 - $63,951.99

$ 31.19

  Over $63,952

$ 33.90



CPSU/CSA Refund Policy

Members need to advise us in writing at least 2 weeks ahead of changes to their circumstances, either by letter or via email; to [email protected]

If Members have notified us within this period, and the change has not been actioned, resulting in an overpayment of fees, we can refund the overpayment amount.

Refunds are credited electronically to the member's bank account. If we do not have any bank details on file, i.e. payments are made via a credit card or bank details need to be provided. Members who pay by Payroll deduction, will need to contact their employer's payroll department.

CPSU/CSA Debit Service Agreement

  1. The CPSU/CSA (Debit User) will initiate direct debit payments in the manner referred to in the Direct Debit Request.
  2. Direct debit payments will be made when due. The Debit User will not issue an individual confirmation of payments made.
  3. The Debit User will give Members at least 14 days written notice to vary details of this arrangement including the amount and frequency of payments.
  4. If Members wish to alter any details referred to in the Direct Debit Request, they should contact the Union by phone on 9323 3800, fax: 9323 3878 or mail to GPO Box X2252, Perth 6001. CPSU/CSA Council authority is required to defer any payments.
  5. Any queries concerning disputed direct debit payments must be directed to the CPSU/CSA in the first instance. Members should phone the Union office.
  6. Direct debiting is not available on the full range of accounts at all financial institutions. If in doubt, Members should contact their financial institution before completing the Direct Debit Request.
  7. Members should ensure account details are correct by checking them against a recent statement from their financial institution at which the account is held.
  8. By signing the CPSU/CSA Membership Form, the Member warrants and represents that he/she/they are duly authorised to request the debiting of payments from the account described in the Direct Debit Request.
  9. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the account to enable the direct debit to be made.
  10. If a direct debit falls due on a non-working day, the payment will be made on the nearest working day.
  11. If a direct debit payment is returned unpaid, the Member may be charged for each unpaid item by their financial institution.
  12. Members wishing to cancel their direct debit or stop individual direct debit payment must give the Union at least 14 days notice in writing.
  13. Except to the extent that disclosure is necessary in order to process debit payments, investigate and resolve disputed transactions or is otherwise required by law, the Debit User will keep details of the Member’s account and debit payments confidential.