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Update on Wages Policy

On Wednesday, 14 September ABC News published a story about an update to the McGowan Government’s Wages Policy. This is the third improvement as the continued threat of strike action and pressure from the Public Sector Alliance shift in the McGowan Government's Wages Policy.

The new policy offers:

  • A $3120 flat rate increase for each year of the 2 year agreement for those earning less than $104,000 per annum;
  • 3% for each year of the 2 year agreement for those earning $104,000 and above;
  • Plus a $3,000 payment in the first year.

This is a shift to Wages Policy, not an offer. This update does not constitute a formal offer for Your Union Agreement, nor the agreement of your Union to such an outcome.



"Whether the shift is good enough is a matter for our membership to consider carefully, and they will be able to have their say in the coming days.

"We continue to be frustrated by the government's process. We want a return to genuine bargaining, not the continual updating of wages policy to set new wage caps.

"Wages Policy itself does not constitute an actual pay offer from Government, and we will wait until our membership has a formal offer on the table before making any decisions.

–  Rikki Hendon, Branch Secretary. 14 September 2022.

Read the full coverage on ABC News.


What can members do now?

Register our YUA22 Online Members Briefing on Wednesday, 28 September at 12:00pm to find out what you need to know about how this impacts you. Have your say on how we respond to the update on Government's Wages Policy. 




Short-term relief... without real wage growth

Yesterday Premier Mark McGowan announced a change to his Government’s Wages Policy. This is the second improvement in the Government’s position in seven months in the face of sustained pressure from Public Sector Alliance union members. 

Instead of pay rises of 2.75% per annum, the new Policy offers:

  • 3 per cent per annum for the next two years; and
  • a $2,500 sign on bonus. 

The Premier has been quick to highlight the improved outcomes under the first year of the new Policy. However, the sign-on bonus is a one-off payment, which means the new Policy offers you only short-term relief whilst providing woefully inadequate increases to your pay packet [Link to PDF] in the second year of any Agreement.


Worse still, the Policy sends the salaries of the lowest paid public sector workers backwards in 2023.


“We’ve been very clear throughout that a one-off payment is not

 a preferable way of dealing with things. We believe that to keep

 up with the cost of living year on year that you need to actually

 have pay increases that compound on each other.”

Rikki Hendon, Branch Secretary

31 July 2022


Targeting people who are desperate to make ends meet now with an immediate sugar hit that undermines their ability to keep up with the cost of living in the future is shameful.

Mark McGowan announced the Policy on his Facebook page on a Sunday morning, and today it has been communicated by some public sector employers to workers as a fait accompli. To be clear, this announcement does not constitute a formal offer for Your Union Agreement, nor the agreement of your Union to such an outcome. This approach disrespects all public sector workers and undermines the integrity of genuine good faith bargaining. 

The coffers are full with a $5.7b surplus but, in the face of the nation’s highest rate of inflation, Western Australians are still left begging for relief. This policy update is an insult to public sector workers that leaves everyone behind and sells out the lowest paid workers first. 


It is time to fight for a fair deal that doesn’t leave you and your family behind.

Are you ready?

[Register now.]



“But for many public sector workers — police, firefighters, child protection workers, prison officers — they’ve been going backwards for five years and this policy will ensure that they continue to go backwards,” said Owen Whittle.

“One-off cash payments are no substitute for real base wage increases for public sector workers. The one-off cash payment will help workers meet immediate cost-of-living pressures, but it will mean in future years they continue to go backwards."

“Cost-of-living pressures have to be met day-after-day. One-off cash payments are just that — one-off cash payments.”

- Owen Whittle, UnionsWA Secretary The West 1 August 2022

Read the full story on The West (pay wall may apply).



The increase does not keep pace with inflation and unions were not consulted on the latest wages policy, the state’s third in less than a year, UnionsWA Secretary Owen Whittle said.

“No one is predicting that inflation will go backwards,” he said.

“Unions will take time to work with our members and delegates to respond more fully to the McGowan government’s changed policy.”

Read the full story on WA Today



CPSU/CSA secretary Rikki Hendon said it remained to be seen whether Government's latest changes to their Wages Policy would satisfy the workforce.

“It might represent a significant improvement in the first year for this agreement, [but] when we look at the second year, because this $2500 top-up doesn’t flow on to the second year, we’re concerned that the second year won’t keep up with the cost of living,”

“We believe that to keep up with the cost of living year on year, you need to actually have pay increases that compound on each other,”

"Ultimately, it will be up to them [public sector union members] to decide,"

Watch the full report here.



CPSU/CSA secretary Rikki Hendon said the McGowan government was out of touch with the pressures facing workers and their families.

“CPI is the best read we have on how much everyday costs are rising, and the government ignores it at their peril,” she said on Wednesday.

“They’re essentially saying ‘we’re happy for you to work hard for this state, run our critical community services, work through a pandemic, but continue to fall further and further behind at home’.”

Read the full story on Perth Now.


JULY 2022

Australia's June Qtr CPI has been released with Perth, once again, topping the nation at 7.4% year-on-year.

In response to the 2022 June Quarter CPI figures, CPSU/CSA Secretary Rikki Hendon says the McGowan Government is out of touch with the pressure WA public sector workers and their families are under to keep up with the cost of living.

"Just days after releasing a tax-payer-funded Deloitte report into how "inexpensive" it is to live here, Premier Mark McGowan is faced with categoric proof that the cost-of-living has skyrocketed in WA."

"Western Australians rely on fair pay increases to keep up with the cost of living, but the McGowan Government is letting down those who deliver our public services by offering a woefully inadequate 2.75%."

"They're essentially saying we're happy for you to work hard for this state, run our critical community services, work through a pandemic, but continue to fall further and further behind at home," she said.


What can members do now?

Showing a strong force of membership is our greatest tool for securing better conditions and a wages policy that keeps pace with the rising costs of living. 

1. Register for tomorrow's lunchtime Online Members Meeting.

2. Register for the Public Sector Rally on August 17.

3. Invite a friend to join. 


Support Your Union Agreement and stand united with our Public Sector Alliance partners. 

Ten unions, one voice. WA needs a pay rise.


JUNE 2022

Offer Received 4 Days Before Expiry

On Tuesday, 7 June we finally received the first offer for Your Union Agreement from Government. This offer was made a mere four working days ahead of the current Agreement's expiry on 13 June 2022.

Your CPSU/CSA Bargaining Team is currently analysing the detail of the offer, but what is clear upfront is that it only provides 2.75% per annum pay increases. With Perth CPI coming in at 7.6% for the March 2022 quarter and the RBA today announcing an interest rate hike that will likely see mortgage repayments rise, this pay offer falls well short of the cost of living.

For the privilege of this paltry pay increase, Government wants you to cede power to your employer to change your hours of work.

Members will meet on Tuesday, 14 June to vote on the next steps in the campaign and discuss action to secure a better offer from Government. 

Building and exercising the collective power of our members is critical to winning improvements to pay and conditions. When we speak up together, we protect one another and improve our capacity to win.

The most important task all members can do to break Wages Policy and strengthen our campaign for better pay and conditions is ask a colleague to join.

Look out for campaign emails for important updates and information.


MAY 2022

Paint the town red with our new Public Sector Alliance poster!

Download the poster.

What to do with your PSA Public Support Poster

Choose a local cafe, deli or business that members and workers in your area frequent.

Ask the business if they would be able to put the poster up in their window to show their support for the public sector workers and our campaign.

If they agree, offer to check-in and tag their business on your social media with a photo of the poster. This will benefit the local business by encouraging other pubic sector workers to choose their business. Take a photo of the poster and tag their business, @cpsucsa and our campaign hashtags #yua22 #keepyourpromisepremier #waneedsapayrise on your preferred platform (Facebook, Instagram).

Let us know where other members can support local businesses who support our campaign by emailing [email protected]


Your Union Agreement 22 Claim has officially been lodged!

On Monday 28 February, the CPSU/CSA formally lodged the log of claims for Your Union Agreement 2022 with Government.

It includes a pay claim that recognises your contribution to our state throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of years of restrictive wages policies, and the need for you to see real wage growth moving forward:

The greater of 4% pa or Perth CPI* + 0.75% in the first year; and

The greater of 4% pa or Perth CPI* + 0.5% in the remaining year(s) of the Agreement.
*For the March Qtr in which year it applies

Our claim also seeks new and improved conditions, which were identified as priorities by thousands of CPSU/CSA members in our recent Your Union Agreement survey and reflect the changing landscape of work in a world that is continually adjusting to the pandemic and its impact on our lives.

  • Infectious Diseases Leave as a new clause enshrined in your Agreement so that it cannot be withdrawn without the consent of the Union or workers. 
  • Additional Personal Leave to care for yourself and/or others experiencing mental health challenges.
  • Strengthened Working From Home provisions that limit your employer’s discretion to refuse your request to work from home.
  • A new clause articulating your Right to Disconnect from work outside your specified hours of availability (with the exception of emergency situations or genuine welfare matters), and requiring your employer not to contact you or expect you to respond to emails or phone calls outside your hours of work. 

Download the claim in full here.

In a letter sent to workers across the sector last December, Premier Mark McGowan recognised the heavy lifting of public sector workers as contributing to budget repair and keeping our state safe throughout the pandemic. He also said:

The new wages policy provides public sector unions with a choice, by industrial agreement, of a two year setting that offers above-CPI wage increases

Your Union Agreement claim holds him to his word. With Perth CPI coming in at 5.7% for the most recent financial quarter, the actual pay increases provided for in the new wages policy fall short of delivering real wage growth for public sector workers. The pay rises proposed in our claim will bring members closer to recovering from years of suppressed wages. 

Together, we will use our member power to hold the Premier to his promise and bargain for an Agreement that moves your pay and conditions forward.

Download the claim in full here.


We see your Wages Policy, and raise you a December Qtr CPI

In December, the Premier proudly thanked public sector workers in a letter that also put forward Government's new Wages Policy position on pay. There is one key sentence we wish to draw your attention to:   

"The new wages policy provides public sector unions with a choice, by industrial agreement,
of a two year setting that offers above-CPI wage increases…”

Get ready to campaign and bargain…starting with holding the Premier to his word. Share Your Union Agreement progress with colleagues, friends and family.


Statement: Wages Policy Falls Short for Members

The 2021/22 Mid-Year Review, delivered by Premier and Treasurer Mark McGowan this afternoon, has revealed critical information about the WA State Government’s new wages policy for public sector workers.

What has been announced today does not provide the new Government wages policy in full. The devil will be in the detail.

Read the full statement.

Other coverage:

Public sector pay rise, COVID isolation payment revealed in WA mid-year economic review (ABC)

WA public service in for pay rise, union cautious on details (The Mandarin)


Public Sector Alliance Mass Members Meeting

Public Sector Union Members joined forces at Perth Town Hall to call for an end to wages policy and restrictive bargaining caps.


CPSU/CSA Wages Policy Submission

A Proud, Productive Public Sector Workforce — The Community and Public Sector Union/The Civil Service Association of Western Australia Incorporated (CPSU/CSA) Submission to the 2021 WA State Government Wages Policy Review is now available.



WA Deserves A Pay Rise

Member participation in Your Union Agreement campaign this year has been incredible:

  • More than 55 Paid Union Meetings run by members and delegates
  • More than 500 Members have attended meetings
  • Dozens of new members joining the union and new delegates stepping up every day


Your Union Agreement 2021 has been registered!

Instructions will now be sent to your employer to process your backpay and implement your pay rise.

To confirm the exact date your pay rise and lump sum back payment will go through, please check with your payroll department. 

The registration of the Agreement also means that you will be able to immediately benefit from improved provisions, such as the new conversion to permanency clause. Read more.




State Budget: Wages Policy Gone

Union members have greeted the scrapping of the McGowan government’s outdated and restrictive Wages Policy with enthusiasm. 

CPSU/CSA Branch Secretary Rikki Hendon has welcomed the government’s decision to end its policy of wage suppression and bring forward a review of government wages policy. 

"The collective might of public sector union members has brought an end to five years of the $1000 pay cap."



YUA 2021 Agreement Update

Your Public Sector CSA Agreement 2021 has been signed and sent to the WA Industrial Relations Commission (WAIRC) for registration.

This means that members under this agreement are one step closer to receiving their pay increases, backdated to 13 June 2021.

Conditions improvements, including the new 'conversion to permanency' mechanism will come into effect immediately upon registration.


JUNE 2021

Unions launch Public Sector Alliance

WA's biggest Unions have officially launched The Public Sector Alliance to break wages policy and bring back fair and true bargaining power to the public sector.

The Alliance brings together your Union, the CPSU/CSA, alongside members from SSTUWA, Health Services Union, WA Prison Officers Union, and United Workers Union to name a few.

This is the biggest joining of Unions for collective action in WA, and sends a powerful message to the McGowan government that Wages Policy will not stand.


MAY 2021

YUA 2021 Agreement Update

The 12-month agreement which replaces the 2019-2021 Public Sector CSA Agreement is in the final stages of drafting. Members will receive updates as the agreement moves towards final registration



Offer received from government to extend Your Union Agreement by 12 months

This extension was recommended by your CPSU/CSA Delegates and secures a 12-month agreement and a $1000 per annum pro rata pay-rise from June this year.


The power of 2022 Public Sector Alliance

Negotiating at the same time as other unions will enable us to join together and utilise our greater collective power to fight for better conditions and break wages policy.

The Power of 2022

Find out more about the power of 2022

Ballot timeline

Acceptance of this offer will be subject to a ballot and drafting.
The offer locks in:

  • $1000 pay rise per annum pro-rata commencing June 2021. 

  • Ongoing public sector reviews, including reviews into labour-hire and your discounted public transport scheme 

  • A new ongoing "Pathway to Permanency" conversion process for contract and casual workers, which will be embedded into your Agreement

  • A new timeline for bargaining, so public sector Unions can join together and fight wages policy in 2022. 

Get the full story on how we're locking in our wins.

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