Your Union Agreement

Offer received from government to extend Your Union Agreement by 12 months

This extension was recommended by your CPSU/CSA Delegates and secures a 12-month agreement and a $1000 per annum pro rata pay-rise from June this year.


The power of 2022

Negotiating at the same time as other unions will enable us to join together and utilise our greater collective power to fight for better conditions and break wages policy.

The Power of 2022

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Ballot timeline

Acceptance of this offer will be subject to a ballot and drafting.
The offer locks in:

  • $1000 pay rise per annum pro-rata commencing June 2021. 

  • Ongoing public sector reviews, including reviews into labour-hire and your discounted public transport scheme 

  • A new ongoing "Pathway to Permanency" conversion process for contract and casual workers, which will be embedded into your Agreement

  • A new timeline for bargaining, so public sector Unions can join together and fight wages policy in 2022. 

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