About the CPSU/CSA

Established 1902

In 1902, a group of workers came together and decided to give their time to a body whose duty it was to protect the rights of workers and those they served.

For more than 120 years, that commitment to strengthening public services and improving the working conditions of proud public sector workers has never wavered.

Today, we are known as the CPSU/CSA — a union of more than 12,000 workers strong. Through the strength of the collective, we’re able to learn from each other, protect one another, and grow together. Together we are powerful.

Unions are responsible for having won all of the rights and entitlements you enjoy at work today, including; superannuation, public holidays, paid parental leave, annual leave, sick leave, lunch breaks, safer work environments, pay increases, equal opportunities, and even our right to a weekend.

At the CPSU/CSA, we believe innovative, dynamic and high-quality public services are the foundation of a fair and just society, and that the people who do such important work should be recognised, rewarded and invested in with fair wages, working conditions and entitlements. To achieve this we draw from the power of the collective.

When you join your union, you’re empowered to fight for a better work-life.

Our purpose

The CPSU/CSA is a union of members working to deliver public services in Western Australia.

The purpose of our union is to develop the capacity and confidence of members to collectively build and maintain power in their workplaces.

We exercise this power to win improved industrial and workplace rights, fairness and dignity.

Strong union workplaces deliver better public services for WA.

Our values

  • Equity: We acknowledge imbalances of power within our society and seek for all people to be able to access the opportunities and support they need to reach their full potential and lead their lives with dignity.

  • Justice: We pursue fair and just treatment for people in and beyond the workplace.
  • Respect: We celebrate diversity, genuinely listen to each individual voice, and treat all people with respect and dignity.

  • Solidarity: We support and stand with others in their struggle for justice.

  • Integrity: We act with transparency and accountability, and always in the interests of members.

Our first 50 years: 1902-1952

As we approach our 120 year anniversary, we are looking back at the moments that have made working life what it is today; the wins, the fights, the battles, and the members that made it all possible.

original CSAWA first annual meeting program 1902

Original copy of the first Report to Council and meeting minutes of the First Annual Meeting or the Civil Service Association of Western Australian, 1902

Continue reading an extract taken from the Jubilee Edition (1902-1952) of the Civil Service Association Journal, 1952 by N. G. Hagan, J.P. General Secretary: Our first 50 years: 1902-1952