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Manage your membership, your way.

The CPSU/CSA Member Portal is designed to help our union members manage their membership details including personal information, workplace details and payment preferences. Your online member portal offers secure and easy access to your membership profile, payment history, tax returns, employment details, member benefits and more. 

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Portal FAQs

What can I do on the Member Portal?

The CPSU/CSA Member Portal is designed to help our union members manage their membership details including personal information, workplace details and payment preferences. The CPSU/CSA Member and Delegate Library will also begin its migration to the CPSU/CSA Member Portal in 2024, with other exciting new features and offerings in development.

Upon logging into the portal, members may use the top navigation (menu) as well as the clickable feature tiles to navigate around the portal. Members may access their editable profile through either of these features.

“My Information” gives members access to their personal, demographic, and work details, as well as the names of their delegates. My Payments provides members access to their payment history and options, including tax statement downloads.

Members can self-service through the member portal to update or add details, add a new card or bank account for paying membership, see details of any payment plans or fee adjustments, and set account password. Soon, members will also be able to pay any outstanding membership payments and download tax statements.

Over the coming months, teams from across the union will be developing content and resources to enhance the features and functions on your member portal. We look forward to delivering these to members across 2024 and into the future. 

What is my password (first time login)?

The first time you login to the new CPSU/CSA Member Portal you will need to set your password. To do this, use the Forgot password? link below the login. You will be prompted to enter your Member ID, and you will then be sent a secure password reset link to your primary email. This is why it is essential that you have access to your primary email the first time you attempt to login. Follow the prompts in the email to set your new password.

Your password must have a minimum of seven characters including at least 1 alphabetic and 1 numeric character, but we highly recommend longer, more complex passwords that follow stronger password creation methods (e.g. Schneier Method, PAO Method, or a secure password creation manager). We do not recommend using the Keep me signed in function on shared devices.

I did not get an email with my Member Portal login information.

Quick answer: If you do not have an email indicating that it is your Primary Email to be used for the purpose of setting up your Member Portal access, please use the Live Chat on the CPSU/CSA website or contact [email protected] with your Member ID and the email you wish to nominate as your primary email. We will then update your primary email for you and help you login to the Member Portal. 


Members may nominate up to two emails for contact purposes on their union membership account. This is most often a work email and a personal email. Only one of these will be your primary email. This is most likely the email you used when you joined the union, unless you have changed it since. 

Your primary email is the email address that is officially tied to your Member ID and Member Portal login. Your secondary email is an additional email you have supplied us with, that we keep on your profile to ensure you get all relevant union news and notifications.

Occasionally members nominate the same email as both their primary and secondary email. You can change or update your primary email by logging into the Member Portal and updating the email address in your personal details.

Only your primary email can be used to reset your password or administer your membership profile. 


DYK? More than 70% of members have both a personal and work email on their account, but only 14% of members have their personal email as their primary email. The union recommends that you always use your personal email as your preferred, primary email. This means that you will still have access to important news and notifications if you go on leave or change departments. It also allows us to communicate with you if there are sensitive matters that are best kept out of departmental inboxes. You can change your primary email from your work to your personal email in your member profile. Find out how here.


From October to November 2023 all members will receive emails to both their primary and secondary emails, indicating which email is which and which email can be used to setup member portal access. If you are a new member, this will be the email you joined with. 

If any of the following are true:

  • You received an email to your secondary email, but not your primary email; or
  • You did not receive an email at all.

Any of the following may have occurred:

  • You have previously unsubscribed from union emails at your primary/nominated email address/es.
  • The emailing client removed your email from the system (in compliance with laws governing such platforms) because your email repeatedly returned an error, full inbox or server warning.
  • You have moved departments or agencies and your primary email is no longer valid.
  • The email went to your spam or junk folder.

Always check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive an email as expected.

If you do not have an email indicating that it is your Primary Email to be used for the purpose of setting up your Member Portal access, please use the Live Chat on the CPSU/CSA website or contact [email protected] with your Member ID and the email you wish to nominate as your primary email. We will then update your primary email for you and help you login to the Member Portal.

I want to change my primary email.

If you have already successfully logged onto the Member Portal, you can change your primary email by simply clicking the little grey pencil top-right of the Personal Information on your My Profile page, or check out this guide for more help.

We kindly ask all members who have access to their primary email address to go through the initial setup process with their nominated primary email, in the first instance. You can then make the change to a preferred alternative email address yourself in your member portal. This will allow us to prioritise support for members who do not have access to their primary email address. 

If you have not received a Member Portal launch email to any of your nominated email addresses, and wish to change your primary email before accessing the portal for the first time (recommended for members who have recently changed department or agency), please use the Live Chat or email [email protected]

What is my username?

Your Username is your Member ID - you can find this at the top of your email welcoming you to the member portal, or at the top of any email from the union. 

You can reset your password by hitting “forgot password” and entering your Username and primary email. This will send an email to your nominated account with a reset link.

There is also a Forgot username? option on the login form, should you ever need it.

I remember my old login from the last CPSU/CSA Portal. Can I still use this?

This portal has new credentials for every member. Old credentials will no longer work. That means you will need to use your current username and set a new password to log in the first time.

I tried my password too many times and now I’m locked out, what do I do?

The first time you log into this portal you will need to reset your password - even if you had one in our previous member portal. If your account has been locked because of too many attempts, you will need to contact union staff to unlock it. 

If it’s not your first time logging in but you’ve locked yourself out, you will have to contact the union to unlock your account. If you have remembered your current password, you can try it again, but if you need to reset your password you will still need your account unlocked before you can do this.

You can use the Live Chat on our website (until 30 November) or email [email protected] for assistance.

Some of my personal details have changed, can I update them myself?

If you want to update your name, contact or demographic details, you can do this through “My Profile”. Simply click the edit pencil on the right-hand side of the panel and you will be able to add or edit new details.

The only exception is your residential and postal address. To change your residential or postal address please use the email link provided in the member portal. Residential addresses must be validated before they can be entered into the database to ensure we have a valid residential address for every member so that we are compliant with Australian Electoral Commission guidelines.

My work details are not up to date. What do I do?

Because your work details are what determines who your delegate is, which agreement you are covered by, and even which team of union organisers might look after your work, it’s important that we know it’s correct. If you have moved recently and your work address or any other detail does not look right, you can email us using the link provided in the member portal and let us know where you are working now, so we can update it. 

Keep in mind that sometimes the union 'worksite' name may not be the same as your current team name as the worksites and workplace electorates reflect the way the union organises and may not align perfectly with the organisational structure of departments and agencies. We regularly revisit our 'workplace mapping' with delegates to try and keep our membership structure as closely aligned to the structure of your workplaces as possible. We want to keep you with the members and delegates who are closest and most relevant to the work you do! 

I’ve got a new credit card or bank account, can I change where my membership fees come from?

Yes! You can update your payment method by going to My Payments menu item from the dropdown menu at the top of your member portal. Once you have gone through the payment gateway to add and verify your new payment method it will be automatically selected as your new payment method. 

Where can I find out who my delegate is?

If you have one or two delegates in your Workplace Electorate, you will see their name in the panel at the bottom of My Profile, next to your work details. If you do not have a delegate, it will display a message saying “It seems you do not have a delegate in your workplace electorate”.

If your delegate seems wrong, check your work details are up to date.

If you don't have a workplace delegate for your electorate, we strongly encourage you to consider nominating yourself! You can nominate online at

I am a CPSU/CSA Delegate, where can I find my member lists?

Member lists for CPSU/CSA Delegates are not yet available. We are allowing all members to log in, check their personal and work information and make necessary changes, before we finalise additional features that rely on members being assigned to the correct worksites and Workplace Electorates. We expect these additional features to come online late 2023, and will update all Delegates closer to the launch date.

Need more help?

If the answers above do not resolve your issue, please email [email protected] with your Member ID and a detailed description of your issue, including screenshots where possible. For any queries not related to the Member Portal please use the Quick Qs to ensure your matter is sent to the appropriate team. Matters unrelated to the Member Portal may not be actioned if sent to this email.