CPSU/CSA Response to Skyrocketing CPI


Australia's CPI has been released today with Perth, once again, topping the nation at 7.4% year-on-year. 


CPSU/CSA Secretary Rikki Hendon says the McGowan Government is out of touch with the pressure WA public sector workers and their families are under to keep up with the cost of living.

"Just days after releasing a tax-payer-funded Deloitte report into how "inexpensive" it is to live here, Premier Mark McGowan is faced with categoric proof that the cost-of-living has skyrocketed in WA. 

"CPI is the best read we have on how much everyday costs are rising, and the Government ignores it at their peril.

"Western Australians rely on fair pay increases to keep up with the cost of living, but the McGowan Government is letting down those who deliver our public services by offering a woefully inadequate 2.75%.

"They're essentially saying we're happy for you to work hard for this state, run our critical community services, work through a pandemic, but continue to fall further and further behind at home," she said.


Tim is a Level 3 public sector worker and says they have nothing left over at the end of each fortnight. 

"We really are living paycheck to paycheck now.

"We're going out less, spending less in small businesses around our community and eating in more. But even then, fresh produce and groceries are going through the roof. 

"What I'm really concerned about is our fixed rate mortgage ends in August and I don't know how much more our mortgage repayments will be. We're already using our savings to maintain our costs each week.

"We need a fair pay rise for public servants, the government needs to look at the average person and see what these costs are really doing to families." 

Public Sector worker and CPSU/CSA member Carol says she has seen nothing but increases.

"My mortgage repayments have gone up twice, and my grocery bill, with three kids, has increased significantly. I try to buy things on special, and always buy the cheapest nappies for my twins, but I think everyone is doing the same because they're always out of stock.

"The huge increase in fuel prices means I consciously think about driving long distances and how much that will cost us.

"My partner is from overseas and we were saving to be able to go over and see them all. But now we are dipping more and more into our savings for everyday expenses. I'm so conscious of the cost of living going up and our mortgage repayments going up, that now we're considering if any major spending or a holiday is the right thing to do this year. 

"It's like we're playing a game, knowing this month the power and water bills are coming in, so the new tires for the car will have to wait until next month, even though they're not very safe right now.

"The minimum wage has gone up over 5%, so government categorically recognises the need for an increase in wages. They put up fees and charges as well, my driver's license renewal has gone up 6%, but the wage rise they're offering isn't even half that."


What can members do now?

Showing a strong force of membership is our greatest tool for securing better conditions and a wages policy that keeps pace with the rising costs of living. 

Support Your Union Agreement and stand united with our Public Sector Alliance partners. 


1. Register for tomorrow's lunchtime Online Members Meeting.

2. Register for the Public Sector Rally on August 17.

3. Invite a friend to join. 


Ten unions, one voice. WA needs a pay rise.


Click to read the CPI June 2022 report in full.