Your Union Agreement is registered!

Your 2021 Union Agreement is registered!

Instructions will now be sent to your employer to process your backpay and implement your pay rise. To confirm the exact date your pay rise and lump sum back-payment will go through, please check with your payroll department.

The registration of the Agreement also means that you will be able to immediately benefit from improved provisions, such as the new conversion to permanency clause. 

Download your new Public Sector CSA Union Agreement in full.
Registration of the Agreement finalises this round of bargaining, but the campaign for Your Union Agreement in 2022 is already underway, and we are off to a great start; smashing the cap imposed by Wages Policy.

Our next challenge is to ensure the Government Wages Policy Review establishes a framework that enables public sector workers and their Unions to genuinely bargain for real wages growth.

Talk to your delegates and keep an eye on your emails to find what you can do to support this effort over the coming weeks. Once again, congratulations on registering your new Union Agreement!