State Budget: Wages Policy Gone

State Budget: Wages Policy Gone

Today, union members have greeted the scrapping of the McGowan government’s outdated and restrictive Wages Policy with enthusiasm. 

CPSU/CSA Branch Secretary Rikki Hendon has welcomed the government’s decision to end its policy of wage suppression and bring forward a review of government wages policy. 

"The collective might of public sector union members has brought an end to five years of the $1000 pay cap."

Workers who deliver services we all rely on, and who have supported Western Australians through the challenges of COVID-19, have endured five years of wage suppression while the Government has gotten its budget back on track. 

“With WA boasting a $5.6 billion budget surplus, the rationale for such a policy clearly no longer exists. 

“Today’s announcement opens the door to the establishment of a policy framework that supports genuine bargaining and delivers real wages growth for Western Australian workers. 

“Right now, Western Australian workers are holding up our national economy but experiencing some of the lowest wage growth in the country. 

“Western Australians need a pay rise that keeps up with the cost of living and retains them in the jobs we need to keep our state going. 

“Together with our Public Sector Alliance partners, we look forward to productive discussions with Government in the coming weeks and months."