Your Union Agreement registered

This article was published on November 04, 2019.
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Your Union Agreement registered

The CPSU/CSA and Public Sector Labour Relations have officially registered the new Public Sector CSA Agreement 2019 with the WA Industrial Relations Commission.

PSLR openly thanked the union for all its efforts and Senior Commissioner SJ Kenner congratulated both parties on negotiating a successful Agreement. 

Your Union Agreement Registration

During statements to the Commissioner, the union highlighted its commitment to close the gender pay gap; with the compaction of level 1 and an increase to casual loading and minimum engagement (both predominantly female-dominated work types) as well as, 12 weeks superannuation on unpaid parental leave.

Positively, PSLR highlighted the government’s further commitment to direct and permanent employment, as well as reviews into bringing privatised public services back to the public sector and discounted public transport.

Both parties commented on the new paid Cultural and Ceremonial leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers as a way of providing a more inclusive and diverse public sector.

The new Public Sector CSA Agreement 2019 has been registered from today.

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