CPSU/CSA welcomes Melaleuca returning to public hands | Media Statement - CPSU/CSA Media Statement


CPSU/CSA welcomes Melaleuca returning to public hands

Rikki Hendon, CPSU/CSA Secretary:

“CPSU/CSA members welcome today’s announcement that the operations at Melaleuca Remand and Reintegration Facility will be bought back into public hands.

“It has been evident for some time that the current contractor Sodexo are incapable of running the facility to the safe and effective standard expected of prisons in WA.

“Sodexo has failed to create a safe environment for staff, detainees and service providers. Under Sodexo management, Legal Aid has refused to visit due to safety concerns, and allegations have been made of violence, drugs and a lack of adequate rehabilitation at the facility.

When public services are run by private companies whose main aim is returning a profit to shareholders, corners are cut, and standards fall.

“This is an apparent privatisation failure and a reminder of why something as important as our state’s justice services should always remain in the public sector.

“We appreciate the McGowan Government taking this opportunity to bring the facility back under the accountable, reliable management of the WA public sector.”


NB: The CPSU/CSA covers all staff in government-run prisons who are not Prison Officers including; psychologists, councillors, program coordinators, teachers, management and facility maintenance.