CPSU/CSA Members to hold Day of Action for fair deal - CPSU/CSA


Monday 24 October, 2022

STATEMENT: Quotes attributable to Rikki Hendon, Branch Secretary of the CPSU/CSA

CPSU/CSA Members to hold Day of Action for fair deal

On Wednesday 26 October 2022, members of the WA state public sector union, the CPSU/CSA, will hold a day of industrial action to call on the McGowan Government to make a pay and conditions offer that is fair for all public sector workers.

The day of action follows months of negotiations and campaign action, including the Public Sector Alliance rally at Parliament House on August 17.

Workers from agencies including the Departments of Communities, Transport, Education and Justice will participate in localised industrial actions, including work-to-rule, walkouts and sit-ins, in locations ranging from the Pilbara to the Great Southern. 

The day of action will conclude with a march through the Murray Street Mall, commencing at 4:30pm.

CPSU/CSA Branch Secretary Rikki Hendon said a fair offer was urgently needed to help workers cope with the rising cost-of-living and address worker shortages in key roles across the sector.

"In June, our members overwhelmingly rejected an insulting offer from the Government. That offer was two wages policies ago, and our members have yet to receive an improved formal offer from the Government since.

"WA public sector workers have kept the critical services we all rely on thriving through a pandemic and a growing cost-of-living crisis, all whilst the McGowan Government has suppressed their wages in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility’.

"Now, as the Government records year-on-year record-breaking budget surpluses, CPSU/CSA members are calling on the Premier to make a pay and conditions offer that is fair for all, that helps them cope with the rising cost of living, and keeps them in public sector employment.

"Years of public sector wage suppression, together with growing skills shortages, are driving considerable attraction and retention challenges for the WA public sector. We’re seeing difficulties filling vacancies in roles ranging from child protection to policy and procurement.

"Failure to deliver a pay and conditions package that incentivises workers to stay in the sector will only deepen the problem and place the provision of public services to the community at risk.

"We urge the McGowan Government to heed our members’ action and deliver an offer that is fair for everyone, that attracts and retains a skilled workforce and safeguards our public services."