International Women's Day Delegate Reflections

International Women's Day Delegate Reflections

To mark International Women's Day 2021, Branch Secretary Rikki Hendon and Branch Assistant Secretary Mel Bray, invited four inspiring CPSU/CSA Delegates to an intimate lunch to discuss and reflect on the day.

Each Delegate works tirelessly for the WA community and, although all agreed every other day of the year it’s men’s voices that are the loudest, they believe IWD gives women a moment to speak-up, recognise our past achievements and continue the fight to be equal.

Jo, is a Delegate at the Public Sector Commission and says IWD means a lot of things to her.

It really is about celebrating the achievements of the hard-working women that have gone before.”In 1970, only 40% of married women worked, with the Delegates agreeing that without the exceptional work of the last generation our lives would be very different today.  

Natasha who works at the Department of Communities says IWD is about recognising the past but also looking to the future.

It's about celebrating our achievements but also recognising we've still got a long way to go and we just have to be visible and keep up the fight.

Pauline, a community corrections training manager at the Department of Justice says men get the other 364 days, but IWD is important because this is our one day.

I often reflect on the hardship of women, particularly women who don't belong to white culture, and all the things that happen to women behind closed doors.

It's a day where we can be out and about, look to the future, and help make it better for us all.

Annette, a Delegate at the Department of Communities says it’s all about the next generation and the massive impact they can have on working life.

My hope for the next generation of women is to take it to the next level.

I see them, I work with a lot of young professionals and I'm just in awe of them, so I can see that they are carrying forward our fight.

Importantly, I hope they discover their voice and strength politically. They live what we fought for, but I want them to take it further.