More members gain permanency via P2P

More members gain permanency via P2P

Bunbury Delegate Shane from the Forest Products Commission (FPC) says he was nearly in tears after three CPSU/CSA members gained permanency this week.

Shane recently signed-up the members to the Path to Permanency Campaign, knowing how important a permanent position was for them.

This week, after multiple rolling contracts and no end in sight… all three members were converted to permanency.

“I encouraged them to join the Path to permanency campaign only a few months ago.

“All three of them came up to me this morning to thank me, and the Union, because they had all finally been given their permanency letters.

“It’s absolutely fantastic.”

Shane says it can be a very emotional time waiting to hear about your application for conversion.

“They told me one of their wives was praying for all the people who helped her husband get his permanent job, she was very thankful for it.

I was nearly in tears, to get all three members permanency was great news.

He says it makes them feel truly valued and part of the FPC team.

“Without this, they could have been on rolling fixed-term contracts forever.

“Finally this is recognition of the skills they bring to the organisation and their commitment to their work. They are really hard workers.

“It means all of our colleagues now enjoy the benefits of job security and we’re all equally valued by management.

“It’s just so good to see and I couldn’t be happier for them, it really validates my job as a Delegate.”

A big congratulation to Delegate Shane and his new permanent colleagues at FPC!

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