Adult Migrant Education Program team wins permanency

Adult Migrant Education Program team wins permanency

CPSU/CSA TAFE delegate Monicka works as an Admin Team Leader, and she finally won permanency for members running the Adult Migrant Education Program (AMEP). 

She and five other TAFE delegates worked tirelessly for 12 months to get the AMEP team converted to permanent.

The essential program assists migrants and refugees to communicate effectively in English so they can find jobs, participate independently in society and make a positive contribution to the community. 

Monicka says the team were on 14 rolling contracts before being converted to permanent. 
Members of the TAFE Adult Migrant Education Program
"AMEP needed permanent employees to provide a successful service to the migrant and the refugee community.

"Our staff have exceptional skills and knowledge working with culturally and linguistically diverse people. 

"Without permanent staff, we would not have been able to retain this expertise and an excellent level of customer service.

In the beginning, Monicka never thought she could achieve permanency for members on her own.

"After getting delegates together, we realised permanency was achievable with patience, perseverance and the help of the union. 

"Our Organiser, Julie Taylor, was relentless and consistently advocated on behalf of the AMEP team, and supported us to the end. 

"We thank her and well done to everyone involved!" 

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