Because of Us stories

Because of me calls for police assistance are answered at any time of the day and night. We take your phone calls so more police officers can be in their cars, on the streets and on their way to help you instead of spending their time taking reports over the phone and answering your questions. Because of us, WA is a safer place to live.
— Sam, WA Police

My job is as challenging as it is satisfying. I make critical decisions on a daily basis to ensure children and highly vulnerable families are safe. I am responsible for upward of 40 families with more than a 100 children ranging in ages from newborns till 18. Every child is important and deserves to grow up safe!
— Member, Dept. of Communities

Because of me and what I have experienced as a parent myself, I am better at working with vulnerable families and children. I can better understand their struggles, their needs and how to help. I build better relationships and I am more motivated than ever to help and promote change. Because I am a mother I am a better worker. If only parents were better supported in the workplace to be both parents AND staff - we have A LOT to offer.
Melissa, Dept. of Communities

I work hard to support children who are in state care and to work with families to get children back home safely when possible. My role involves ensuring that children have a good, safe living arrangement; that they have access to good medical care, education, leisure activities and counselling support; and that they can maintain relationships with their extended family where appropriate. It also involves working with Family and General carers to ensure safety in the home, and that the children's physical, emotional, educational, psychological and cultural needs are being met. It is a complex role and we often face conflict and criticism from families and from the general community who do not always understand our decision making.
Member, Dept. of Communities

I support Aboriginal families in the metro area to grow stronger ways of maintaining their family unit and keeping their children from coming into the care of the state. I have been a strong advocate for young people who have become involved in the justice system when they have made mistakes and supported Aboriginal families to maintain their accommodation under the threat of removal. 

I have always been passionate about running education programs one-on-one in the family home/community venues for young mums to support them to make healthy lifestyle choices through diet and physical activity to improve their physical/mental health and to prevent chronic disease for themselves and their children.

By educating young mums to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships I have helped them to realise they can choose a life free from Family and Domestic Violence where they and their children can live a safe and meaningful life. As a front line worker I believe that workers like myself and my colleagues deserve to be supported in this work as it impacts greatly on our physical and emotional well-being and I believe we genuinely deserve a 2.5% pay rise so as not to struggle in our own day-to-day lives given the cost of living in Perth.
— Wendy, Dept. of Communities