Tom Keneally on getting fire season ready

Tom Kenneally: getting fire season ready

‘Mission impossible’ and ‘Oxford’ are just a few of the nicknames Bushfire Duty Officer, Tom Kenneally has collected over the years — such is his knowledge and ability to produce brilliant and innovative firefighting solutions for the Collie Fire & Rescue team.

In the lead up to fire season, we're taking a look back at our Everyday Heroes series, where Tom spoke about the important role trees play in his life, being 'captain of the ship' leading a fire & rescue team in the heat of battle, and the stories behind some of those nicknames.

More recently, Tom was featured in the National Geographic series Bushfire Wars.

Bushfire Wars

Western Australia. A land forged by one of the most dangerous killers on Earth: bushfire. Here, men and women of the Parks and Wildlife Service fight a never-ending war against this scorching enemy. They deploy the largest squadron of fire-spotting aircraft in the world, armoured bulldozers and trucks, aerial bombers. And they fight on foot. The battle is relentless. Their adversary: a remorseless, unpredictable and indiscriminate killer.

The above footage is a timely reminder of what Parks and Wildlife and Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA public sector staff and volunteers may face over the coming months. Stay safe and thank you.