Union members win COVID-19 leave for isolation

Union members win COVID-19 leave for isolation

Western Australian public sector workers now have the right to access COVID-19 leave in combination with other leave types for self-isolation, without having to exhaust existing personal leave first.

This follows the provision of CPSU/CSA member feedback about accessing the new COVID-19 Leave to key public sector decision-makers over the past week. 

A combination of COVID-19 and other appropriate leave types can be accessed if you are sick, have caring responsibilities, are required to self-isolate, or are unable to attend work for some other reasons such as widespread disruption to transport or workplace access. 

Public Sector Labour Relations Circular 6 outlines the specifics of each circumstance in which COVID-19 leave can be used.

This win was made possible by Union members and will benefit workers and their families across the public sector.