Union Welcomes TAFE Fee Decrease

Statement from Secretary Rikki Hendon, on today’s announcement from the McGowan Government on fee decreases at TAFE: 

“We will always welcome investment in education for our state’s young people, because investment in quality education and training is an investment in the future of Western Australia. 

“TAFE is an essential, respected training institution, but access to courses was placed out of the reach of many Western Australians when fees soared under the previous Liberal government.

“Young people will now be able to enrol in financially accessible courses, build a career that sees them reach their full potential and be part of a skilled workforce that supports our local economy.

“We call on the Minister to make sure the government’s investment in TAFE extends not only to reducing fees, but also to ensuring the TAFE workforce are properly resourced to continue delivering quality education and support services to students.

Note: The CPSU/CSA cover staff working in TAFE administration, enrolments, tech support, libraries and management.