What can I do on the Member Portal?

What can I do on the Member Portal?

The CPSU/CSA Member Portal is designed to help our union members manage their membership details including personal information, workplace details and payment preferences. The CPSU/CSA Member and Delegate Library will also begin its migration to the CPSU/CSA Member Portal in 2024, with other exciting new features and offerings in development.

Upon logging into the portal, members may use the top navigation (menu) as well as the clickable feature tiles to navigate around the portal. Members may access their editable profile through either of these features.

“My Information” gives members access to their personal, demographic, and work details, as well as the names of their delegates. My Payments provides members access to their payment history and options, including tax statement downloads.

Members can self-service through the member portal to update or add details, add a new card or bank account for paying membership, see details of any payment plans or fee adjustments, and set account password. Soon, members will also be able to pay any outstanding membership payments and download tax statements.

Over the coming months, teams from across the union will be developing content and resources to enhance the features and functions on your member portal. We look forward to delivering these to members across 2024 and into the future.